In this sustainability masterclass for new entrepreneurs, learn from not one, not two, but five sustainability experts about how to operate your dream business while integrating sustainable business practices for long-term growth, profit, and CSR. Each of the instructors for this course is an expert in their respective field – each having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide and each of whom has several successful businesses. They will take you on an actionable journey that will teach you the key skills you need to take your new business idea from the lab to the marketplace using real-world examples, business models and solutions.


You may not know this, but a successful business is not just the idea, it’s also the execution.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on all fronts! In this course, you will learn:



team building



This course comes in 4 tiers, each tier suitable for a different kind of entrepreneur and each guaranteed to take your business idea from seedling to pitch-ready in no time!


Stand Alone


Launch Your Business


Live Remote with Coaching


Part 1: Getting Ready to Launch

You can browse through these in more detail by clicking on the courses below and see which one best fits your needs as a new entrepreneur!

Course Tiers

SET – Launch Your Business

A 90-day sustainability training with custom feedback.
102 6 $225.00

SET – Live Remote with Coaching

Weekly live coaching sessions for sustainable entrepreneurs.
13 23 $450.00

SET – Part I: Getting Ready to Launch

A sustainability training in affiliation with top universities.
13 8 $1,000.00



Stefan Doering

Stefan Doering is this course's host and Shift Group's Managing Director. He's been innovating in business and sustainability since 1987 and also teaches and coaches green businesses in three major areas: innovating powerful green business models, crafting and implementing marketing and positioning strategies for bringing green to the mainstream, and creating a consistently profitable and sustainable business.


Andrew Bogle

Andrew Bogle is Shift Group's Strategic Advisor and a Managing Director at Reva Capital. He also serves on three non-profit boards and is an advisor to five startups. After attaining his M.B.A., Andrew joined Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management where his team managed $1.4B. Andrew also worked at Brown Brothers Harriman and his father, John Bogle, started the Vanguard Group, the world's largest provider of mutual funds.


Wendy Scharfman

Wendy Scharfman is a professional speaker, communication coach and trainer. She's the founder of Coaching for Effective Communication, a business that helps clients become dynamic, confident speakers who can inspire action with meaningful and strategic messages. Through a powerful communication strategy, she helps clients promote transformational change.


Alan Siege

Alan Siege is Shift Group's Senior Facilitator and has been leading business workshops through the Brooklyn and Manhattan Chambers of Commerce, the Support Center of New York, the Brooklyn Business Outreach Center and the Business Division of the Brooklyn Public Library. Alan is also a member of the Entrepreneurship Council of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and has been assisting small businesses and non-profits for over 20 years.


Roberto Lugo

Roberto Lugo is the ultimate marketing genius and Shift Group’s go-to expert for all things marketing. He’s got his finger on the pulse of the industry when it comes to social media marketing, digital marketing, brand positioning strategy, as well as sustainable business practices. Roberto has started and run multiple successful businesses over the years and is currently the CEO & Innovator at Apex Explorations.