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Are you trying to run a sustainable business but have no idea how to generate consistent profit? Or perhaps you’ve been staring at your shrinking cash flow and thinking of moving away from sustainability all together. Maybe you’re even wondering if you’re really meant to be the sustainable superhero you always dreamed of becoming.

But hey – before you get lost in that train of thought, did you know that sustainable companies are 25% more likely to be profitable compared to their peers? But no matter which aspect of sustainability you choose for your business, you need to gain the knowledge first of how to do it!

At Shift Group, we firmly believe that the fastest way we can restore our planet and communities is by showing people how to make money doing it! 

We’ve made it our mission to train entrepreneurs like you, and with Shift Group, you get more than just an online education platform. In fact, you become part of a global movement of entrepreneurs who are changing how businesses operate, one sustainable initiative at a time.

With tailored guidance and insight from our community of business and sustainability experts, many entrepreneurs from around the world have become more sustainable, gained the confidence they need to run successful businesses, and dramatically increased their profits while doing so. Now the question is: are you ready to do the same?

Our Programs

Starting a business? Join our sustainability experts in one of the versions of this masterclass on how to take your sustainable business idea from seedling to pitch-ready!
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Our partners don’t call themselves “BEST Coaches” for nothing! Get 1:1 training in sustainable business practices from highly-seasoned serial entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done all that!
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Unlock how to innovate and leverage new ideas at the right time in an ever-changing business landscape. Are you ready for a “shift” in your mindset and a disruptive education?
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Take part in the world’s first serious business game for entrepreneurs. We’ll fly you 40 years to the future where a bleak and unfriendly world awaits – and you get to save it with your business!
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What’s in it for you?

Get the support of a diverse community of like-minded individuals.
Get exclusive access to business & sustainability experts.
Learn online and get certified.
Scale your profits with our proven business sustainability models.
Make a difference in the world around you.




Meet Stefan Doering – business coach, sustainability expert, and entrepreneur extraordinaire! He’s been at the forefront of the sustainability space since the 1980s and has helped many businesses incorporate sustainable practices into their business models using the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profits) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) approaches.

Stefan’s entrepreneurship training began when he was 17.  And at 25, he started Earth General, a hugely popular retail store that screened products based on their environmental impact. In all, Stefan has launched seven businesses in New York, including Shift Group, and is passionate about teaching others how to scale their businesses while being responsible with the environment. He’s also taught environmental entrepreneurship at Columbia and Stony Brook Universities, and to entrepreneurs in New York. He also had his sustainable innovations presented in front of Congress.

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And 4,000+ Small Businesses Worldwide

And 4,000+ Small Businesses Worldwide