At Shift Group, we believe that the fastest way to restore the planet is by showing people how to make money doing it!

And while other companies are busy focusing on the Single Bottom Line (Profit), we’ll teach you how to leverage the Triple Bottom Line formula (People, Planet, Profit) and see the difference for yourself!

With our interactive and engaging programs, you’ll get a deeper understanding of what it means to be responsible with the environment while also significantly growing your profits.

Driving Change, Driving Profit: Sustainable Business Education for Entrepreneurs

As a team of business owners and coaches with vast experience in multiple industries, we know exactly what your business needs to survive and thrive. We not only teach you how to plan and implement sustainable practices and strategies, but also connect you to people in your industry who can help you and your business soar to new heights
– whether that’s by meeting new investors, talking numbers with a financial team, or brainstorming ideas with a marketing consultant!

Shift Workshop

So whether you’ve got a new business that still needs to launch or an existing business that you want to scale, we’ve got something for you!

We’re passionate about sustainability and as dedicated to your journey as you are. And we’ll help you leverage all you’ve got so that you’re truly able to grow and make a difference.

Join us today and let’s restore the planet – together!


Shift Group was founded by Stefan Doering, a sustainability professor, serial entrepreneur, and business coach, who currently resides in New York.

Stefan’s journey in sustainability and entrepreneurship began when he was 17. And when he was a mere 25, he founded the sustainable business that launched his journey as a serial entrepreneur. As a young man who had always been a sustainability enthusiast, Stefan knew there was a gap in the market when he couldn’t buy recycled toilet paper unless he bought a case of 96 paper rolls!

“What am I going to do with so many?” he thought. That’s when he started Earth General, the Walmart of environmental stores and the largest of its kind in the country at the time.


Earth General screened all its inventory based on its environmental impact, and even today, many years after the business has closed down, people still rave about it. But that was not the end of the road for Stefan and since then, he’s started multiple businesses, including Shift Group, all centered around sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment, community, and economy.

Stefan focuses on teaching ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), TBL (Triple Bottom Line), and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) components to sustainable businesses so that they can grow and scale profitably without leaving behind a carbon footprint in their wake. 

After all, who said you can’t do well by doing good?


Make in-depth learning fun and easy
Provide exclusive access to sustainability experts
Build a global community of sustainable entrepreneurs



Stefan Doering
Managing Director
Dr. Ruth Contreras
Chief Game Designer
Brian A Cohen
Marketing and Public Relations Specialist
Dr. Jose Luis Eguia
Chief Game Designer/Developer
Jouk Inthesky
Graphic Designer
James Layno
Tech Advisor
Thomas Moebus
Entrepreneurship Expert
Jibran Saeed
Web Designer
Alan Siege
Senior Facilitator
Edna White
Senior Coach

Board of Advisors

Andrew Bogle
Strategic Partner
Jon Brandt
Education Entrepreneur / Angel
David Calone
Investor / Entrepreneur
Phil Kearney
Thomas Moebus
Entrepreneurship Expert
Dr. Manuel London
Former Dean College of Business, Stony Brook University
Dr. Philip Palmedo
Angel Investor / Serial Entrepreneur
Diallo S. Powell
Social Technology Entrepreneur
Judy Robinett
Entrepreneur Investor, Author, Networker
Dr. Gerrit Wolf
Director of the Innovation Center, State University of New York, Stony Brook

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