Intellectual property rights

In everything Shift Group does, the ownership remains of all content and artwork stays with Shift Group. That includes all Shift Group’s programs and website information. It also includes copyright, trademark, and patent rights.

User Conduct

Shift Group only wants users to conduct themselves professionally and politely on their platform. Shift Group absolutely does not tolerate what could be construed by the laws of New York State as harassment, bullying, and hate speech. If a user communicates in such a manner on Shift Group’s platform, their account will immediately be deleted and they will be banned from using Shift Group’s platform, going forward.


Shift Group collects and uses data on small businesses focusing on saving the planet through what is readily available information. Mainly, word-of-mouth recommendations and online and offline marketing. Shift Group does not share any personal or private data with anyone without the written consent from the owner of this data.

Payment Terms

Shift Group collects payments via all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Stripe and other means. Shift Group even accepts some cryptocurrencies.


Shift Group allows users to delete their accounts at any time for any reason. When a user removes their account, the user’s data will also be removed to further protect them on the platform.

Governing Law

Shift Group will use the laws of New York State in the United States of America to govern the interpretation and enforcement of its terms and conditions.