As a chamber member, you have an opportunity to participate in a FREE program sponsored by the Shift Group!  This program is to help  YOU SUCCEED  during this pandemic!  Building solution teams, ‘shifting’ your business model,  accelerating your ‘shift’, and finally to have the ability to thrive!


Small businesses struggle in these difficult conditions. But some thrive by shifting their business model, operations or mix of products and services.

Pandemic Shift gives business owners systematic tools to generate new ideas and explore opportunities, strengthening resilience and laying the groundwork for long-term growth.

It is a partnership of Stony Brook University College of Business,  Shift Group and Suffolk County, sponsored by Bank of America and Investors Bank.  All sessions are held on Zoom.


The core of Pandemic Shift sessions are intensive real-time collaborative sessions.

Facilitated by Shift Group experts, 4-6 person teams of business owners practice structured brainstorming to generate ideas and tactics related to individual business challenges.

Each participant has a solution team!

Download Pandemic Shift PDF

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