Become part of the world’s first serious game for entrepreneurs – as featured in Forbes! 

The future needs your help!

Learn entrepreneurship, sustainability, and collaboration in this gamified community-based training for startups! You will learn how to come up with creative and profitable solutions to the environmental problems you’re trying to solve with your business, all through an experiential and fun process.

Your Mission

Enroll in Genesis the Game and fly out 40 years into the future as part of the elite Genesis Alliance, where a dark and desolate world awaits you. Assuming your avatar, complete 13 missions in 13 weeks, each mission taking place in a different city and helping you form a deeper understanding of how your business can help make a bigger impact.

Once your mission is successful, you can return back to the present, where you now have enough knowledge to be able to execute sustainable business practices and save the planet from the bleak future you just witnessed.

Use Genesis to empower yourself with the knowledge of how to take your sustainable business successfully from the lab to the marketplace. Also get access to real-life mentorship, coaching, and funding opportunities when your ship launches back to present-day Earth!

Learn in a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions.
Learn key skills needed to run a sustainable business.
Get exclusive access to experts and resources after the game is complete.
Develop a better understanding of sustainable approaches.
Scale your business profitably.

So, can the Genesis Alliance count on you?