What is the SET program?

Sustainable Entrepreneur Training (SET) Program

      Guides entrepreneurs, students, and corporate employees to launch their business ideas. Using sustainable business practices.

Our secret sauce is the education format and style:

experiential meets iterative meets discovery meets cyclical learning, taking entrepreneurs from the concept to pitch-ready phases with our unique 13-level IP. Includes set of slides, facilitator and entrepreneur manuals.

For Entrepreneurs that are:

  1. 1) launching a new business and not sure what strategy and concept is best for you
  2. 2) thinking you may need to raise capital but not sure how much or what are the best options
  3. 3) feeling they would benefit from a community of experts helping resolve their biggest business challenges

If these are what you are dealing with, then this training might be for you.

Watch a group of entrepreneurs…

preparing their business ideas to pitch to our panel of investors

The SET program is delivered both in an online/webinar and classroom style format to corporate and educational institutions. In addition to the program slides, facilitator notes, entrepreneurs manual and supporting templates, we offer a team of facilitators and various support systems in order to maximize each participants’ experience.

In the near future, we will be launching our online, serious game version.

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